Seller's Benefits

Veeco Marketing
Veeco will market your asset to potential buyers to ensure maximum probability of a sale. Use our dedicated sales force to find a buyer for your asset.

Featured Listing
Veeco will show your asset as a “featured listing” on multiple site pages to increase its visibility within the marketplace.

Asset Audit
Veeco will audit your asset, so potential buyers will have a clearer picture of what they are bidding on.

Veeco Price Assessment
Veeco will generate an estimate on the value of the asset, so you know what you can expect from the open market.

Logistics Control (China Only)
Veeco will safeguard the movement of tools within China.

Term of Use

No terms and conditions provided on this website shall be construed to create or constitute a legally binding offer for sale or any other obligation of any party.  Terms of the sale of any Veeco tool when, as, and if, executed, will be set out in a definitive agreement between the relevant parties and subject to the limitations and restrictions as may be specified in such agreement.

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