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CM350 IBE with Single Wafer Loader
Ion Beam Etcher

Raise device yields and achieve exceptional uniformity with the Veeco IBE-350™ Ion Beam Etching System. It offers faster time to market for new applications, faster install time, and better asset utilization and cost of ownership.

Designed to meet tight etch depth control requirements Exceptional WIW rotated and 3D etch uniformity Easily integrates with common technologies on Veeco hardware and software platform.


S/N: 0800-206-314

  • Front End: Yes, Single Wafer Loader
  • Module 1
    • Type of module: CM350 – IBE
    • Turbo: Ballzers 2200 l/s
    • Chiller: Sibata C-560
  • Electronics Rack 1
    • Type of rack: CM350 – IBE
    • Power Supplies
      • Seren, 208V, RF Generator
      • Sorenson SL1200
      • Sorenson SL300

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