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E300 LDM MOCVD System- Through our Certified Partner STLight

The TurboDisc® E300LDM AsP MoCVD system is a fully configured tool for large scale laser diode production. The E300LDM is an advanced production tool enabling cost effective solutions for infrared and laser applications.

Key advantages include higher production capacity, lower running costs and less frequent maintenance. The TurboDisc® technology provides a stable deposition environment, resulting in superb reproducibility and uniformity.

E300LDM Overview:

  • Advanced growth chamber design
  • Reduced materials consumption
  • Improved process conditions
  • Integrated Flow Flange design
  • RealTemp control system
  • High throughput transfer system
  • Reduced maintenance and improved safety

E300LDM MOCVD System Overview




Used for GaAs Epi growth (GaAs laser , LED, Solar Cells)

Include: Gas cabinets, Gas sources, Scrubber

Condition: Excellent Condition Guaranteed.

Located at Class 1000 cleanroom

Used for GaAs Epi growth(GaAs/InP laser , LED, Solar Cells)

1.Configuration Details

1-1. MO Source

- Cp2Mg : 1port_MFC : 500cc

- TMAl : 2port_MFC : 200cc

- TMGa : 2port_MFC : 200cc

- TMIn : 2port(2bottle/port)_MFC: 1000cc

- DEZn : 1port_MFC : 500cc

- CBr4 : 1port_MFC : 200cc

2-1. Reactive & Process Gas Line

- PH3 / AsH3/ SiH4

- H2(Carrier Gas) / N2

3-1. Configurable for 21 x 2″ or 8 x 3″ or 5 x 4″ Throughput

4-1. RealTemp™ Control and Monitoring

5-1. Glove Box Transfer System

6-1. Reduced Maintenance / Improved Safety

2.Veeco E300 LDM Items

1-1. E300 Main Body

2-1. Scrubber 2EA(Dry Type, Adsorbent Container 2EA Add)

3-1. Gas Cabinet 4EA[2%SiH4(+H2), H2/N2, PH3, AsH3]

4-1. VBM(Gas Distributor) 3EA[2%SiH4(+H2), PH3, AsH3]

5-1. H2 Purifier

6-1. P4 Trap

7-1. Loadlock Arm

8-1. Dry Pump Ebara A70W

9-1. 5 x 4″ wafer carrier

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