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PVDi Module

NEXUS PVDi Physical Vapor Deposition System: Versatile, easy-to-use tool for multiple applications


Get the simplicity, reliability and performance you need with Veeco’s NEXUS PVDi single wafer physical vapor deposition module. Compatible with a wide range of wafer sizes, the system can be tailored to multiple data storage applications such as oxide and nitride deposition, as well as magnetic materials. It also offers a high-performance, cost-effective tool for semiconductor, GaAs and packaging applications.


  • Easily configured to meet specific process and production requirements
  • Supports wafer sizes from 3″ to 8″ round
  • Standard accessories include cathodes, wafer chucks, gas manifolds, shutters and pumping packages
  • Modularity simplifies operator and maintenance training requirements as well as spare part stocking
  • Designed for fast, simple integration with NEXUS Ion Beam Etch, Ion Beam Deposition, and other Physical Vapor Deposition tools
  • Pumping System: CTI 8F Cryo Pump
  • Table Size: 150mm
  • Cathode: Yes
  • Backing Plate: 12”
  • Matching Network Box: No
  • Devicenet: Yes
  • Gas Delivery
    • (1) 10 sccm MFC
    • (1) 50 sccm MFC
    • (1) 100 sccm MFC
  • Electronics Rack (Integrated / Separate) : Integrated
    • Power Supplies
      • Dressler CESAR RF Generator
      • AE Pinnacle Plus – 10kW
  • Computer
    • IBM 306m Blade Server

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